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DIGITAL-ISSUE #003 Herbal Gifts in a jiffy

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Issue #003 -Herbal Gifts in a Jiffy

Expressing Green Gratitude this Holiday Season by Gigi Stafne ND, MH
Herbs for the Holidays  by Melissa Clymer
Hawthorn by Petra Sovcov, Clinical Herbalist CHT
Of Humble, Sacred Chestnuts Evelien van der Leeden
Mistletoe: A Tale of Peace & Goodwill  by Becky Starling
Cooking with Conifers by Lisa M. Rose
Gathering for the Holidays by Sydney J Tanner
Cardamom Rose Banana Bread by Anna Beauchemin
Glogg & Pepparkakor: Traditional Swedish Yule Time Treats  by Cornelia Mars
Wild Woman Winter Nourishment by Isla Rose Wolf
Candy Cane Holiday Elixir with Reishi & Chaga by Tahlia Sage
Herbal Gifts in a Jiffy  by Elaine Johnson MS, IAC
Herbal Gifts by Carol Little R.H.
Home Apothecary: Handmade Holidays by Denise Cusack
Home Herbalist Reviews: Great Gifts by S. Marie Carlson

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