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Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life --- by Marta McDowell

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A new perspective on one of America’s most enigmatic literary figures

Emily Dickinson is among the most important of American poets, a beloved literary figure whose short, complex life continues to fascinate readers. But she was also an avid gardener and plant lover. In Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life, Marta McDowell traces Dickinson’s life as gardener and reveals the many ways in which her passion for plants is evident in her extensive collection of poems and letters. The book follows Dickinson through an entire year in the garden. You’ll learn that she forced hyacinth bulbs in winter, saved seeds in the summer, and pressed flowers to include in her correspondence. You will also find tips on how to plant a poet’s garden and an annotated list of all of the plants Dickinson used. Packed with contemporary and historical photography, botanical illustrations, excerpts from Dickinson's letters, and some of her most cherished poetry, this revealing book is a must-read for Dickinson fans.

Pages: 268
ISBN: 9781604698220

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