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Home Herbalist is a brand new magazine and we are hoping to light a fire or fuel the fire in the hearts of those interested in the healing power of plants. Home Herbalist is published bi-monthly.

We are currently looking for original, previously unpublished, well researched and accurate submissions for both the upcoming issue and future issues of Home Herbalist. We want Home Herbalist to be fun an cheery, but also full of passion and excitement, as well as being well read, and full of knowledge that readers can come back to time and time again. 
We do ask that you please limit the mention of spirituality, we understand it can be hard to separate it from our work because it is a huge part of who we are as individuals, but we must remember there are others on this earth who do not have the same spiritual views and spirituality should never be for sale or be used as a tool to gain sales. So Home Herbalist may not be the best place to submit articles based solely on spirituality.  

The type of material we are looking for is:
  • Articles
  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Stories
  • Monographs
  • Poems
  • How To/DIY
  • Recipes/Formulations
  • Folklore
  • & More - the sky is the limit.

Here is a sample of what the "theme" of each magazine will have, remember these are just guidelines, just because an idea isn't mentioned doesn't mean it won't be published. Show us your creativity! Also, I have included a deadline for submissions. Monographs and Medicinal info will always be included as well as recipes/formulations.

Jan/Feb Issue  - DEADLINE: NOV 15 - Winter is in full swing in most places and in many places can trigger cabin fever and depression. This issue will have mood lifting herbs, and immune boosters for the Cold & Flu season, we will focus on using those herbs we harvested in the fall. Lovers unite as we make lovely concoctions using herbal aphrodisiacs, and we reflect on what the new year can bring to a home herbalist of all ages.

Mar/April Issue - DEADLINE: JAN 15 - It is time to start those seeds, we will focus on planning our herbal gardens, discuss what wild edibles are out in late winter/ early spring and how to ethically harvest. We will also talk about softening the blow of seasonal allergies and since we are starting to be outside more, we are more likely to get scuffs and bruises so we focus on plants that can help us and herbal first aid. 

May/June Issue  - DEADLINE: MARCH 15 - Summer is officially here! We start to really think about how we can create the most from what is around us like in our gardens or what can be foraged. It is the end of the school year for many so ideas for herbal activities for children are always welcome as well.

July/August Issue -  DEADLINE: MAY 15 - This issue is packed to the brim with ideas for summer, recipes for sweet teas, and herbal ice cubes and more. Plus we discuss what to do with any surplus herbs. We are harvesting like crazy so anything related to proper preservation is a plus. Stories and Folklore to tell around the campfire are welcome.  

Sept/Oct Issue - DEADLINE: JULY 15 - Fall has arrived, as we continue to harvest it is also time to start thinking about buttoning up our garden beds, and checking the wilderness for our final foragings. School is also in session and we discuss herbs to help us focus. We start to think about our love of knowledge and how we will always continue learning. Children are returning to school so How To & DIY of items our children can use at a school like Bumps and Bruises balms, chapstick, deodorants, etc are great.  

Nov/Dec Issue - DEADLINE: SEPT 15 - This is our "holiday issue" and much is focused on gathering with those we hold dear. Recipes for dishes and treats using herbs are welcomed, and gift ideas are fantastic as well. Stories & Folklore to share as the fire crackles and we sip hot chocolate will be a delight.  

Submissions should be 1000-3000 words, depending on quality, longer or shorter content will be accepted.

Botanical/Latin names should always be mentioned at least once the first time you mention a plant.

Please email submissions to [email protected] (preferred)

or send via snail mail to:

Home Herbalist Magazine
P.O. Box 171
Colfax, WI 54730

Articles and written work needs to be submitted in a DOC, RTF, or text via email.
Any images sent along with the articles, need to be in JPEG form only and must be 300dpi.
Images may be sent without an article and we will place them in the magazine where we think they will fit well.
If you are sending images via snail mail they must be on a CD.

YOU KEEP YOUR RIGHTS! We just ask that you please wait until the next issue is released to publish your work elsewhere and we ask that you state it was previously published in Home Herbalist Magazine.

If we do not feel your article is a good fit for the specific issue you requested, we may file it away to use at a later date or publish it on our blog as a way to keep interest in the magazine. 

You will receive 1 complementary issue (if shipping is not prohibitive), as well as 1 PDF of the magazine featuring your work (not to be shared). 
A short bio about yourself with photo (if desired) to be published along with your submission.
Your own page in our Contributor's Corner, where you can direct readers to find links to the magazines containing your articles plus your social media accounts and websites (if provided)
A 2" x 2" FULL-COLOR advertisement please specify if you desire an ad.
We will be promoting you for time to come, as back issues will be available in print & PDF formats.   

We look forward to seeing all the creative work writers/artists/herbal enthusiasts have to offer! We hope to add great value to the cherished herbal community.